Eallan Hirshfeld

On 17 Tamuz 5780 we learned of the passing of our dear friend Eallan Hirshfeld alav hashalom. A man of few words but full of action, Eallan always had a smile on his face, even when the cancer was in advanced stages. His monthly bus rides to Hevron were famous. He will be missed by many. תנצבה

In August 2019, Eallan Z.L. asked me to set up for him a blog in which he could share his experiences with cancer. Ever the mensch and always thinking of Clal Yisrael, Eallan wanted to promote content which would help other cancer patients and perhaps aid in finding cures for the awful disease. Unfortunately, Eallan never got the chance to post to his own blog. So be it. But I thought it would be nice to turn Eallan’s blog into a site where we can share memories of this special man who we all loved and cherished.

Click here to leave a personal memory and upload pictures and videos you want to share.

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