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One of Eallan’s true features was he had no LEFT …. always RIGHT… 😃 if he referred to it … was “that other side” never allowed to use שמאל.

We made Aliyah in May,1979 some 6 months before you living first in Kiryat Ganim and then moved to the Akiva St. house in 1982. Eallan installed the air conditioning in the house and this was how we met. Although coming from completely different backgrounds, somehow we had much in common and this was evident to both of us immediately. I was at every Likud rally at Zomit Raanana often coming with Max, our giant black schnauzer and always packing my Smith & Wesson .38 special with a 6 “ barrel.

Shortly thereafter, Eallan called and asked if I would like to join him in a day in Hevron. As the only time I had previously been there was 1974, I was anxious to go. Eallan also invited Larry Ladenheim who also had a permit to carry a gun and the 3 of us drove through Halhul to Hevron. After davening at the Machpelah, we decided to walk around the town. We walked up to Beit Hadassah and then up to Har Hevron. It was a warm day and when we got to the top, there were about 10 caravans up there. Wanting to see how the people were living there, I went into the area of the caravans and from one of the caravans, a man came out. We explained who we were and what we were doing there. He invited us in to join him in a meal. We were embarrassed and thanked him and asked just for something to drink. He said, this week’s parsha is Chaya Sarah. Perhaps you are the 3 malachim and I am Avraham Avinu. We accepted. We had a lovely meal, spoke about the parsha, and spent about an hour with this very charming man whom we only later found out was Baruch Marzel. Later that day, we met Arnon. This was how the trips to Hevron began.

I participated for about the first 12 years going every month with the bus(es) for Rosh Hodesh. There were many memorable trips, but one in particular always stands out in my mind. Shortly after the Goldstein event in Hevron, there were restrictions on our visits to the Machpelah. In 1995, we arrived in Hevron in 3 buses at about 07:30 and proceeded up the stairs towards the Machpelah. An Israeli Yemenite policeman told us that we were not allowed inside that day, so we decided that we would pray at the foot of the stairs to the Machpelah. We were about 50 men, 40 women, and 20 kids. Because there was Arab pedestrian traffic walking behind us, the army put about 4-5 soldiers behind us to protect us. We were already in Mussaf when the Israeli police man came up to Eallan and told him that it was too dangerous for us to remain where we were and we needed to move. Eallan spoke very calmly with him for about 5-6 minutes and by that time, we were done praying. We had a meal in the hall. We went up to Kever Yishai and it was one of the few times that we were there and were able to see both the Dead Sea and the Mediterranean. We then went back down to our buses for our return trip to Raanana. It was always uplifting for us to be in Hevron, but for some reason, this particular trip was extra special. Upon my return, I turned on the TV to watch the news and there was a report on CNN about a group of Jewish settlers in Hevron who were threatening local Arabs and IDF soldiers and there we were (Eallan was, of course, prominently featured in the film)! It was the last time I watched CNN. If they lied about things that we know, what would they report about things that we do not know!

Eallan was not only an inspirational person, but was also a leader. He was prepared to put his tuchus affen tisch. What you saw is what you got with Eallan. Growing up with mostly blacks in Oakland, California, this is the same language that I grew up with. I think that was part of what brought us together. Eallan was always ready to help in every endeavor and even installed an air conditioning unit in the first Aaron De Lowe Early Intervention Center that was located on Ahuza close to Zomit Raanana.

He will be sorely missed.
Jack and Helene de Lowe


של אילן
הירשפלד זצ"ל


ראש חודש הפך
עבורי לחוויה
של התרוממות

חברון הפכה
לחלק מחי- זה

היתה לי
שעליה חלמו
לעלות מעבר

במערת המכפלה
את קברי אבותי

עיר האבות,
בשבילי, לא
היתה רק תמונה
על הקיר

יכולתי כל
פינה שם להכיר

רגלי דרכו בתל
– רומידה, בבית
הדסה, בקבר
ישי ורות

ממרא ובקסבה

ישיר לשורשים-

אוהב ארץ
ישראל אמיתי,
בכל רמ"ח
איבריו ושס"ה

אין קץ סחף
אותנו אחריו


סדר, אחריות
ועם לו"ז

אותי בעבותות

של צדיק אחד-
אילן- שמגיעה
לו אות

מתנדב הנשיא
על התמדה של 25

המחלה לא
הפסיקה את

חיבור אנשי
המרכז לעיר
האבות הקדושה

שמחת, אילן,
כשהבאתי את
נכדי בן העשר

כיבדת אותו
בגלילת התורה

לו ספר משלך
על חברון

המשכיות הקשר
לארץ ישראל
דרך החיבור

המפתח לפתרון

שנזכה להתחמם
מהאש שבערה בך

להמשיך את

ממך בחייך

את זכרך בלכתך

מליץ טוב

לעומתך כולנו


(קצין) שועלי

I have been privileged to call Eallan my friend for over 50 years. My wife Tabby and myself were close neighbours and close friends of Esther & Eallan in Kenton, a north-west suburb of London. Our 2 daughters and Eallan’s 2 daughters went to Yavneh School together,and the 2 families went on holiday together to a “Children s Week” at the Ambassador Hotel in Bournemouth.

We were always talking about aliyah, and in fact, Tabby & I planned to make aliyah as soon as we got married(in 1969),but then postponed. I told Eallan “Let me know as soon as you have a date, and we will follow you”. One day in December 1978, Eallan came to our house, and said”Pack your Bags-we have a date!” For various reasons, we were not able to go at the same time,but followed some years later.We were very frequent visitors to Israel after Esther & Eallan’s aliyah, and saw them often. When our daughters came to Israel at the age of 13 on a 5 month scheme run by the JFS School, they became bnot bayit in E&E ‘s house.Since our aliyah in 1993, we have seen them often.
Eallan has been rightly praised for his trips to Hevron, in which I have participated, but Eallan was much more than his monthly trips to Hevron. He was, first & foremost, a mensch. He always had a smile on his face, even when I saw him in the last , difficult days of his life.

He was a very serious Manchester United supporter, and that was often the first item we spoke about (even though I support a different team, I often called Eallan when Utd. won, because I knew how important it was to him).

Eallan was a fantastic friend and will be sorely missed.

Thanks John for the heartfelt comment. It reminded me that on match days, Eallan would come to Mincha/Maariv at Moriah wearing his Manchester United jersey. My kids went wild when he once referred to Manchester City as “Manchester Shitty.” They still quote him on it, even though this was some years ago.

A man of great principle and humour but liked to appear serious. Always a wry smile when reminded his team had lost. We spent many a beautiful Rosh Hashana with him, Esther and the crowd. He will be greatly missed.

In 1975, Howard, aka Chaim, and I decided to move our family from B’nei Brak to Ra’anana. At that time, Ra’anana was like a little country village. There were no traffic lights, and in fact, there was very little traffic. Our children attended the local schools, and we were fortunate to find people, who welcomed us and became our close friends. As time went on, we were able to welcome the newcomers, and prominent among them, were Esther, ad 120, and Eallan, of blessed memory. Our children and their’s became friends and helped to provide the “cement” that kept us together, even after our later move to Sha’are Tikva.

We were fortunate to be among the first monthly travelers to Hebron, and we were able to benefit over the years from Eallan’s organizational skills. He was intent upon showing us all the wonders of the area; its history and its development. On our last trip, we were able to reconnect with long lost, and later, found, fellow travelers.

The atmosphere on the buses was awesome. There were some quiet conversations, but for the most part, we listened to Eallan explaining where we were geographically, and historically. On our last trip, he spoke at length about the upcoming 300th trip, which unfortunately, did not take place.

Howard and I would like to close this letter by mentioning a number of items that made Eallan unique.
His ingenuity, creativity, modesty and generosity as well as his efforts to preserve the past and enhance the future; his open heart and his dedication to family, community and fellow Jews.
May he be a מליץ יושר for his family and all of Am Yisrael.

A mover. A shaker, A mensch,

When others yelled at their television screens Eallan jumped into action.

He organized the ongoing protests against Oslo at Raanana Junction which got ongoing coverage by the national news media fascinated that yuppie Raanana could be part of the protest movement.

At a time that the national camp was essentially clueless about PR, Eallan brought in professionals to join the battle with campaigns magnitudes better than what the formal institutions were putting out.

But it wasn’t just protests and PR. Eallan’s devotion to developing YESHA brought him to constantly seek ways to promote businesses in YESHA, be it the YESHA stores, YESHA product fairs and many other activities. And of course the Rosh Chodesh trips to Hebron.

This only scratches the surface as I cannot come even close to describing the help Eallan was constantly extending to those in need.

What a mensch. Always a good word to say. A fantastic conversationalist. A great friend.

And a tremendous loss for us all.

Some 63 years ago Eallan, his brothers , my brothers and myself were all Study Group Campers. Sue and I renewed our friendship with Eallan and Esther when we moved to Raanana 33 years ago and shared many holidays, happy times and smachot together.

Eallan had a very inventive mind, always thinking of potential projects. A few that come to mind include joining with other Olim to partner the old established Moriah Shul and this led directly to the 2nd minyan at Moriah and due to enormous demand the eventual building of Shivtei.

He designed charity boxes for all the members, made some 300 monthly coach trips to Hebron each Rosh Chodesh, innovations in the air conditioning business, competitive car servicing, superior ear plug international distribution, arranging group trips away , especially the 13 years when some 120 of us enjoyed Rosh Hashana at the Sharon hotel.

He still had time for a daily check of his garden and making delicious liquors and homemade fruit jams.

Eallan z”l will be sadly missed by family, friends & such a large part of Klal Yisroel
Sue and Harvey Harris

Over one’s lifetime there are sometimes one or two people who cross your path and have a profound influence on it. For me Eallan was one of these.

As well as being a loyal, fun friend, from the first day we met in dental school, he introduced Judy and me to his Carmel and Suburb circle, of which the association gave us many years of pleasure. Eallan organised our wonderful football team, and when we see any of them we still reminisce the fun and excitement we all had. My parents became surrogate mum and dad to Eallan, as he was living far from home, and my dad suggested that he take up accountancy, which he sailed through. Of course my mum was only happy when he was having her chicken soup. On his part he introduced us to real coffee from Kenya and gave us our first taste of a strange food called avocado. Whoever Eallan met engaged with him instantly, and he loved a good discussion.

Eallan was extremely kind, generous, and devoted to his family, and was always looking on the fun side of life. Of course his religion was very important to him. I feel it was the intellectual challenge that he found so interesting, and I hope this gave him comfort in his final years. We send our love to Esther, Keren and Sara and we wish you all a long life.
Tony and Judy Blendis

We don’t know may people like Eallan – someone who had such determination, commitment, drive and a desire to do the right thing even again the tide of opinion with a fair mix of ‘akshanut’ on the way!

Eallan always told us he had an interesting life which he said was a blessing; born in Kenya in 1944, educated in England at the only Jewish boarding school Carmel College under the guidance of the famous Kopel Rosen, ending up in London and becoming an accountant; married Esther (a lass from Sunderland) and had 2 daughters, Keren and Sarah – so far so good. Not enough for Eallan – In 1979 the family moved to Israel and settled in Ra’anana and after a short period of time becomes involved in the growing Anglo community which become the hallmark for the city. Fast forward 40 years and we have the Eallan who we knew and loved so well who touched so many lives on his journey thru life which ended too soon on 17 Tamuz at the young(ish) age of 76.

Eallan’s achievements were numerous; some large and some not even noticeable by the general public but very meaningful to those who benefitted from his kindness and acts of Chessed. Be it his financial support of those in need, his dedication to establishing new shuls within the Ra’anana community or his daily attendance of minyanim and his love of learning. His commitment and support of the needy to ensure those without means received a hot meal every day thru Bet Hatavshil will remain his hallmark. Eallan’s dedication to the Hebron community via his near 300 monthly trips bringing with him thousands of people over the 25 years is one of the strongest legacies he leaves behind.

On the business front Eallan was a pioneer; he established a chain of Beit Hamazgan air-conditioning stores throughout Israel when the concept of a franchise was not well known – he also began a business to manufacture unique silicon ear plugs which are used by many thousands throughout the world especially on flights – all proudly made in Israel and exported far and wide from Japan to the USA. His latest business venture called ‘Driver’ was to overhaul the way we service and maintain our cars – always one step ahead with innovative ideas and the desire to go where no-one went before.

We first met Esther and Eallan within 24 hours of arriving in Israel on Aliya over 30 years ago and from that day they became surrogate grandparents to our 3 children. Always there for us in the early years when we needed help and advice in navigating living in Israel especially as olim. In parallel Eallan made sure our children all become Man U supporters (we had no chance with Sunderland!) and over the years their relationship with him grew stronger and deeper. Our daughter as a little girl always knew to visit Eallan’s office on Achuza Street for ice creams irrespective of whom he was meeting with at the time and as with all the kids every week they received their candies when they saw Eallan in shul. A Shabbat didn’t go by where at least one of our children visited the Hirshfeld household. Our boys were kept updated on the Premier League with the football magazines (mainly Man U editions) that Eallan always gave them and the Motzei Shabbat games they watched together over the years were priceless.

A lifetime of memories of someone taken from us before his time – יהי זכרו ברוך

Melanie and Michael Braunold.

קשה לתאר בכמה דקות ובכמה שורות את גדולתו.
הדבר הבולט ביותר כמובן זה שארגן במסירות במשך
יותר מ 20 שנה אם אני לא טועה, נסיעה קבועה
לחברון בכל ראש חודש, וכך חיבר בין תושבי רעננה
לתושבי חברון וגם בין תושבי חברון לתושבי רעננה.
אילן גם תלה בכבודו ובעצמו את המודעות ברחבי העיר
גם בתקופה האחרונה שלא הרגיש טוב.
ברמה האישית, גדלתי בשכונה שלו בלונדון והוא היה
מספר לי שאמא שלי שאלה אותו כמה שבועות לפני
שאני נולדתי, “איך אתה מסתדר עם שם כל כך
ישראלי כמו “אילן” באנגליה…?”
אילן אהב גם לספר לי שהרעיון להקים את
ה”חודשטוב”, היה הרעיון שלו. אני מאמין שזה נכון
רק ייתכן שעוד כמה חשבו על הרעיון במקביל,
והדבר האחרון שעולה בראש זה כמות הטלפונים
שהייתי מקבל מאנשים שחיפשו אותו, והגיעו אלי
בטעות. כשחיפשו “אילן מרעננה,” או שחשבו עלי או
שחשבו עליו ולכן בשלב מסוים, למדתי את המספר שלו בעל פה.
אילן יהיה מאד חסר לכולנו. יהי זכרו ברוך.

Meeting Eallan at Study Groups in my teens, he was someone never forgotten and our friendship, together with Esther resumed when I came to Raanana in 1998. I enjoyed numerous Shabbat lunches with them, accompanied by stimulating conversation and the frequent acerbic comment, tempered by a twinkle in his eye. Lunch always culminated with Esther’s delicious homemade ice-cream and about which Eallan teased me incessantly. Eallan commanded the highest respect for adherence to his principals and his religion, his quiet but deep generosity and so much more. All the fine characteristics summing up the essence of Eallan have been so eloquently expressed above He will never be forgotten.

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