Jerusalem Post Obituary

Memorial: Eallan Hirshfeld,1944-2020

by Gloria Deutsch

The Anglo community lost one of its most colorful members with the passing of Eallan Hirshfeld in Ra’anana this month. An accountant by training, he will be best remembered for the monthly Shabbat trips he organized to Hebron, bringing busloads of like-minded Jews to pray at the Cave of the Patriarchs and spend a Shabbat in the city. Beginning
in 1993, he continued for years until becoming ill two years ago.

He was born in Kenya in 1944 and sent to England’s Carmel College to receive the education of a British gentleman. He studied accountancy in Britain, met his wife Esther (nee Teacher) from Sunderland and the couple had two daughters.

In 1979 the family made aliyah to Ra’anana and Eallan worked for 20 years in the air conditioning business. He subsequently started another business, marketing a special earplug that he invented. He was a founding member of Congregation Shivtei Yisrael and was deeply involved in charitable work, helping found Bet Hatavshil and raising money to support that and other charities.

For over a decade he organized Rosh Hashana stays in a hotel in Herzliya, catering to couples who faithfully joined him, year after year to celebrate the New Year with friends in a fun-filled yet spiritual atmosphere.

He could be outspoken at times and didn’t shy away from sometimes unpopular opinions. But his twinkling sense of fun always shone through his occasionally austere exterior. He will be greatly missed by his many friends and admirers.

One reply on “Jerusalem Post Obituary”

I would like to point out a few errors made by Ms. Deutsch in her obituary of Eallan zl: firstly the monthly trips were NOT conducted on Shabbat but on Rosh Chodesh. Secondly, Eallan did NOT stop organizing the trips upon becoming ill two years ago. Eallan kept organizing the Hevron trips nearly until the day he passed away. The only thing that prevented the last few trips from coming to fruition was the COVID-19 virus. Eallan posted the announcement for the Rosh Chodesh Sivan trip, scheduled for May 24, 2020, a few weeks before he passed away! But the trip was cancelled due to insufficient enrollment.

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